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2016 Mother’s Day at Canaan Moravian Church

What is more appropriate for a Mother’s Day Service than the children of the congregation doing a Tribute Service for their mothers?  This is what the Canaan kids decided to do.  With the help and direction of Pastor Beth Habhegger, Brigit Springer, and Janessa Smith, the children took on the task of being in charge of the entire Sunday service.

From the opening Call to Worship to concluding the service with a Christian Family Lovefeast, the Canaan Moravian Youth provided their families and especially their mothers a reason to be very proud of them.  The Liturgy for Mother’s Day was chosen from the “A New Moravian Song Book”.  Ranging from the age of 5 to 19, each of the Moravian Youth shared with the congregation what they love about their mothers.  Singing songs especially written for their moms brought smiles and appreciation from all.

The Children’s Message was prepared by Abby and Emily Cramer.  The message was to fill your heart with love.  The children joined hands in prayer with the Cramer sisters.

The youth taking part in the Mother’s Day Service:  Abby Cramer, Emily Cramer, Ben Saewert, Elizabeth Saewert, Sydnie Saewert, Emma Saewert, Ellisyn Mikkelsen, Mack Sprenger, Sayler Smith, Rhone Habhegger.

Submitted by: Ki Gohdes