Sturgeon Bay Congregation Connects Parents with Sunday School Curriculum

At the Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church, our Sunday School curriculum for children is a rotation-based workshop where the kids are presented with one Bible story or theme each month and rotate through Bible study, Computer, Art, and Kitchen workshops each Sunday in that month.  A few years ago, we started creating hand-outs for parents to use in order to reinforce at home what they were learning at church.  I have attached a couple of examples of the parent handouts that are intended to:

  1. Explain the rotation activities to parents
  2. Communicate the Bible verse for each theme or story
  3. Suggest discussion questions that parents can use with their kids
  4. Challenge the parents to dig deeper into the stories or themes for their own education

If you have any questions about these our rotation workshops or these parent hand-outs, give Pastor Matt Knapp a call at 920-743-6218.

Check out this Power Point for an Example


Submitted by Brian Stephens


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