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New Moravian Resource Surveys

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The PEC’s of both provinces, meeting jointly last fall, authorized the formation of a committee to explore whether or not it’s time to begin work towards a new Moravian worship resource (“book of worship” and/or other sorts of resources). Towards that end, we have prepared two surveys and invite your participation.

One is designed for pastors, music directors, members of worship & music committees, those actively involved in worship planning:

The other is designed for anyone in your congregation who wishes to participate, and we fervently hope for a very large response:

Would you please do two things for us?

(1)    Choose and complete the survey appropriate for you;

(2)    Pass along these links and/or copies to others in your congregation (please make copies as needed!).

We are asking for survey responses by July 1, 2017, and again, we long for as broad a participation throughout the Northern Province as possible!

With appreciation,

–          Nola

Rev. Nola Reed Knouse

For the New Moravian Resource Exploration Committe

(Committee members: Thomas Baucom, Rebecca Craver, Brian Dixon, Chris Giesler, Aaron Linville, Lillian Shelton).