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Crossroads Program at Moravian Seminary for January 2018!

Crossroads courses starting in January, 2018:
   On Thursday, Jan 4 is Compass – a very good place to start.  Brush up on basic skills such as writing, presenting and research while exploring your sense of call as a layperson.  Our courses can be taken in any order but this course is a great springboard to all the other courses.  Taught by Linda Wisser, a Crossroads grad ans current Moravian M Div student at Moravian Theological Seminary and Dr. Jill Peters, director of Crossroads.
    On Monday nights starting Jan 8, we have our New Testament course with a new instructor Rev. Dr. Joanne Marchetto who will bring new insights into very familiar passages.  Don’t miss this one.  Joanne is very creative and is one of the two lead pastors at The Barn in Allentown.
As always, Crossroads is here to serve you.  We encourage participants to take the courses that are important to them.  All of our courses are offered in real time distance learning, so with a computer, camera, mike and quiet place, you can be part of the class including working in small groups, participating in discussions and seeing and hearing everyone who is in the course.  Distance Learners must be available on class dates and at class times which are listed on our website in East Coast time.
All information about the courses including dates, times, texts and online registration is available on our website at or you can contact our director, Jill Peters at
Starting March we will be offering “Mapping the Route, our theology course and Traditions, our look at world religions, Protestant denominations and American sect religions.  All info is also on our website.