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Help Us Improve…Take the Survey!

We need your help to create a helpful and user friendly place to gather and share resources for healthy congregations!

This website has been created to  be a place to gather resources that can be helpful in developing the characteristics of healthy congregations. The characteristics, that were identified by Betsy Miller and the committee are: Community, Purpose, Worship, Spiritual Formation, Stewardship, Mission and Service, and Leadership. This site is now populated with resources contributed by various pastors and lay people in the Northern Province.  We are still adding resources and would love your suggestions!

The hope is that this website will continue to be populated by new resources. It will be a place to share things that have been helpful to pastors and to congregations as they focus on further developing the characteristics of health. We are going to make a survey up to help gather the responses but would also welcome helpful responses by email us. 
Thank You!

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Healthier Congregations Begin With Conversations

At the 2010 synod we received a few resources to help us re-engage our communities and congregations in conversations about health.  As a result many of us returned to our different ministry contexts inspired to work with one another to create healthier congregations.  Much like working to improve health in our bodies it takes quite of bit of work, time and energy to honestly survey our habits and then to develop healthier habits.  Little by little the improvement builds up we are aware that not only do we feel more rested, and maybe our clothes fit a bit better…but we find that our energy is better as we look towards further growth!  This site will be a place to collect resources that can be used in congregational contexts to begin, infuse, or share the conversations and processes of growing into healthier congregations not just in the Moravian Church of North America but for anyone seeking to share the Gospel with all of God’s creation!