Characteristics and Resources

Here are pages with resources organized by characteristics.  Each characteristic has book, online and video resources.  If you are aware of other resources that you have found helpful please comment and we will get them added to the lists.

From the development team on Healthy Congregations:

The Triune God – Creator, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit – as revealed in the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments – is the core of who we are and why we are the church. Every aspect of a healthy congregation is grounded in scripture and rooted in prayer. God’s Word informs how we live, and prayer connects us with God and all God’s people. Healthy congregations frame their life together in the Ground of the Unity and the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living. Within this environment, a healthy congregation exhibits these seven basic characteristics, offered in no particular order of importance:

Community A healthy congregation extends God’s welcome to everyone as an expression of the grace we have received through Jesus Christ. It celebrates diversity within the unity of faith by living the Moravian Motto: In essentials Unity, in non-essentials Liberty, in all things Love. We offer hospitality to all, as congregations and as partners in our ecumenical witness.

Leadership – A healthy congregation equips and empowers its leaders, both lay and clergy, to further God’s mission through the ministry of the congregation. Healthy congregations support and encourage all leaders as they learn and grow in their ministries, and work toward partnership with and accountability to God and to one another.

Mission and Service – A healthy congregation serves God’s people within and beyond the congregation. These ministries include everything from serving those in need to spreading the Good News, beginning within the neighborhood where the congregation is located and moving outward to those around the world.

Purpose – A healthy congregation has a clear understanding of its identity, purpose, and vision as a Moravian congregation. Members have a shared ownership of how ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ gives life and direction to every facet of ministry in and around the congregation.

Spiritual Formation – A healthy congregation is fully engaged in the lifelong process of forming disciples in Christian faith so that people of all ages know the Biblical story, understand God’s invitation to discipleship, and have multiple opportunities to respond to God’s call to daily living as a Christian disciple. Healthy congregations recognize that both spiritual formation and mission service are essential to faithful discipleship.

Stewardship – A healthy congregation understands the reality that God has provided all it needs to fulfill, with excellence, the ministries to which it is called. The people of God respond generously to God’s abundance with joy and thanksgiving.

Worship – A healthy congregation gathers regularly to worship God with joy and vitality, offering praise and thanksgiving to God through Word and Sacrament. The people of God participate in worship, using a variety of liturgical and musical expressions and styles.



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