Suggested Reading for Leaders: Mission and Service

  • When Charity Destroys Dignity: Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency in the Christian Movement.

“Schwartz brings years of mission experience, primarily in Africa, to address issues of paternalism and dependency that are frequently the outcome of our compassionate efforts in mission. He provides specific examples of behaviors that can promote dependency, as well as beginning the discussion of how we might do missions in a way that empowers and facilitates self-reliance.”  (from Rev. Judy Ganz, Moravian Board of World Mission)

  • The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

“What is the Christian message in a society marked by religious pluralism, ethnic diversity, and cultural relativism? How does the prevailing climate of opinion affect, perhaps infect, Christians’ faith? Newbigin addresses such questions in this incisive analysis of contemporary culture, and he suggests how Christians can more confidently affirm their faith in such a context.”  (reposted from

  • Revolution and Renewal: How Churches are Saving Our Cities.

    “Revelation and Renewal tells of churches that infused new life into urban communities. It is the story of brave men and women who refused to walk away from an apparently hopeless situation. Their inspiring example of faith-based social action presents a blueprint for reclaiming the future of our cities.” (reposted from

  • The Multigenerational Congregation: meeting the leadership challenge. 

    “Congregations need to learn new cultural languages and practices in order to speak to and be heard by new generations of people. But how do congregations enter the wilderness of ministry with these new generations when many of those in the entourage do not appreciate the trip?” (reposted from

  • The Open Secret: An Introduction to the Theology of Mission

“Newbigin describes the Christian mission as the declaration of an open secret—open in that it is preached to all nations, secret in that it is manifest only to the eyes of faith. The result is a thoroughly biblical attempt to lead the church to embrace its Christ-given task of presenting the gospel in our complex modern world. This revised edition includes a helpful index and a new preface.” (reposted from


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