The Alban Institute

The Alban Institute

A Description of Alban reposted from their website:

“If you want to move the world, move a congregation. The Alban Institute was founded in 1974 as a major resource for American congregations facing the challenges of a changing society. While today’s challenges are even more pressing than they were three decades ago, the opportunities have never been clearer for congregations to be vital communities of faith, health, and leadership. Alban stands at the forefront of knowledge and experience regarding congregational vitality and positive trends across denominations and faith traditions. Our work is helping shape the strong congregations of tomorrow.

Alban has set out to be a place where we gather many perspectives, respect ideas, and learn from one another. Creating that space in American religious life is also the task of congregations. And it requires leadership. At Alban, we seek to develop strong congregational leaders who have the creativity, the endurance, and the joy to do the work needed to fulfill their congregations’ particular callings.

Each year, Alban touches hundreds of thousands of lives around the worldthrough our publishing, education, consulting, research, membership, online activities, and ventures, such as the Indianapolis Center for Congregations and the Congregational Resource Guide. Our influence reaches deeply into the congregations of this country and the world.

Alban truly makes a difference in congregational life. Our work is supported by contributions and sales of programs, services, and publications. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, the Alban Institute relies on generous contributions from individuals and foundations to realize our mission.”


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