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Swapping Stories!

The Healthy Congregations Task Force while getting into the work of helping to support the pursuit of greater health in all our congregations has had the privilege to hear stories of how congregations have been growing in health throughout the province.  We have been encouraged, inspired and challenged to think in new ways through hearing about God’s action in the lives of these congregations.  We want to be able to share that enthusiasm with all of you!

One of our goals is to give congregations some more ways to share their stories with one another.  We are going to start collecting videos to share through our youtube channel, facebook page and E-newsletter.

This is  where you come in….

We invite you to create a simple 3-5 minute video with your computer or smartphone.  Tell us a story about your congregation and how you see God working in your midst. 

It can be a story about: vibrant and enlightening worship, deepening faith through spiritual formation, experiencing God in mission and service, developing community with all our neighbours, living out stewardship in transformative ways, affirming leadership or finding purpose and meaning as a congregation

Whatever your story we want to hear it and we hope that by sharing our stories with one another the spark of God’s fire in our hearts will burn brighter and our congregations will continue to grow in health and vitality for years to come.

For more instructions on how to make a video and get it to us check out our website healthymoraviancongregations.wordpress.com under the tab “Tell me a Story

We can’t wait to hear and share your stories!


Healthy Congregations Task Force